Turkey has a lot to bring for tourists who love to go and swim or sunbathe by the pool, some of the best pools are however located in Istanbul so here is a short list of the best pools in Istanbul and which ones the Istanbul escorts enjoy the most;

Four Seasons Hotel 

Four Seasons hotel with many positive reviews but the pool is something completely different, the pool here is an outside pool which overlooks the Bosphorus Sea and has an absolutely amazing view which has hundreds of reviews of how wonderful it really is, the guests can lie under the red umbrellas looking at both the Bosphorus and Üsküdar seas or swing in the hammocks, the Istanbul escorts have told us that this is one of the most lovely and romantic pools you can visit and enjoying lunch here with an Istanbul escort is definitely a must. No:28, Yıldız Mh., Çırağan Cd., 34349 Bosphorus/Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

The Marmara Taksim 

The Marmara Taksim houses a rooftop pool and is quite the exquisite one as the a la carte menu is dedicated purely around the pool meaning you can have freshly made pizzas, burgers and more within only a couple of minutes, swimming with the Istanbul escorts here is a must do because the atmosphere at this pool is dedicated to the bond of a man and woman, you’ll see many couples here but none of them will be as beautiful as both of you romantic love birds.

Sedef Island 

There is a club well known here called the Ada Sedef which on Saturdays transforms the Island into a party venue where you can see a lot of the younger generation and adults coming here for a great night out as well as a nice swim, however during the rest of the week it’s quite the quiet and peaceful Island that with an Istanbul escort is quite the enjoyable experience, these girls would find any opportunity to find some alone time with you but if you’re looking for a quiet spot on the beach then you’ll have to get up and book your escort in an early convenience.