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Manchester escorts

Top 3 Romantic Things to do in Manchester

Manchester is one of the major cities in the North West of the United Kingdom, and can be quite the romantic city if you’re thinking of booking one of the stunningly Manchester escorts, so here is a short list of the top 3 things to do in Manchester with your chosen Manchester escort;

The Manchester Art Gallery

A professional photograph of the exterior of the Victorian styled Manchester Art gallery

Manchester Art Gallery

Art is always a romantic affair and the Manchester Gallery is no different. Designed by famous architect Sir Charles Barry, the Gallery is an inspiration to the North West as it houses some of the most beautifully stunning paintings telling stories of Victorian seduction and much more. The gallery itself is quite humungous and has a large variety of collections from the early 19th century to modern day interests. The Manchester escorts love visiting here with their clients as they say a gallery with a client is quite the romantic affair. Mosley St, Manchester M2 3JL

Heaton Park

Here you will find a photograph just outside of heaton park right in front of the welcome sign

Heaton parks

One of Manchester’s lovely parks which is quite the big one as well, the landscape of Heaton Park is magnificent and contains an abundant amount of lakes and romantic walks for you and your gorgeous Manchester escort. There are many things to visit in this park such as: The animal Centre, Beekeeping, Garden Centre, Tram rides and museum. The park is full of interesting things to do with you and your Manchester escort and we’re sure if you’re visiting here you’ll have a great romantic time. Middleton Rd, Higher Blackley M25 2SW

Royal Exchange Theatre

Here you can view the exterior of the Manchester Exchange Theatre

Manchester Exchange Theatre

The Royal exchange is a great place to visit with your Manchester escort as the theatre is always quite the romantic place. It is also quite the impressive theatre as it is absolutely massive and is suspend by 4 enormous columns built in the Victorian era. The Manchester escorts absolutely adore coming here as it is a place where romance blossoms from the architecture to the stage it really is a pleasure to be here, the Manchester escorts are some of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever see as well being the best of the best at their profession.

Finest Establishments In Manchester

Manchester as a city has a hell of a lot to offer for its residents and visitors, Manchester as a whole has some incredible establishments which never get any publicity in like some establishments in a city like London or Birmingham.

An photograph taken of the English City Manchester. The Best City in the whole of the UK.

City of Manchester, England, UK.

Manchester has so many establishments of different kinds that are an extremely high class in fact too many to even mention, if you are coming to this city then it is advised that you stay for a few days so you can really seize the moment and get the true experience of what Manchester has to offer.

A banner logo image from I love Manchester.

I love Manchester.

if you love to enjoy cuisine when visiting a city then you have one of the widest selections in the entire country when it comes to high-class food establishments. One restaurant in the city of Manchester that is definitely worth spending your time at is the Try Thai restaurant, this is the home of Thai cuisine in the city of Manchester and the environment they create is perfect for you to enjoy one of the finest meals with one of the most beautiful Manchester escorts.

The banner image from the Manchester Escort Agency, Candy Shop Escorts.

Candy Shop Escorts – Manchester Escort Agency

Manchester also has some brilliant accommodation to offer to its visitors, one hotel in this city that is most certainly worth spending your nights in goes by the name of The Midland M2 3NQ. This hotel is about as good as they come when it comes to luxury in the city of Manchester, the rooms they provide at this hotel are truly luxurious and lovely to spend a romantic night in the company of Manchester’s finest escorts.

Manchester also has some great nightlife which is worth trying, one nightclub that stands out in this city is the South Club Manchester M2 6DQ, which every party-lover will appreciate for the simple fact the atmosphere in this establishment is truly incredible every night without fail.

3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts!


In this day and age many people will look at Manchester escorts and think that they are just whores doing this because they have nothing else and well that is not true. Many people who work as an escort do it because they enjoy their job and it helps them save the money they need to go and move onto there next endeavour. Something that many people overlook as well is that many of the celebrities that you love and admire were also escorts before they went on and became who they are now. So here is 3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts.

Russell_Brand_1734761aRussell Brand: Now this one may come to shock to you that someone that we see so much in social media and on television used to be an escort but it is true. During his teen years to ensure that he could pay his bills and fulfil his other needs her worked as an escort. As he has indicated he knew a number of escorts so for him to work in this world should have been no problem.

Denise_RichardsDenise Richards: Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, this may not have come to much of a surprise to a number of you as it seems kind of fitting that Charlie would marry her. Over the years Denise has featured in a number of TV and movie roles and has gained some attention for this. One of her more notable roles was as a bond girl in 1999. Many people say believe this is what kick-started her career but a number of sources have said she gained the fame from her involvement with the Heidi Fleiss Escort agency.

young-al-al-pacino-3922453-494-604Al Pacino: Now this one is not as blunt as the others and many not actually seem like he was working as an escort but from what he has said I believe he has. In a interview with the New York Post he said,

“At 20, I lived in Sicily by selling the only asset I had my body. An older woman traded food and housing in return for sex.”

Now we are not sure if this continued when he returned to the states as he was still trying to jumpstart his career.

Now that is three celebrities that were escorts before they made big. There are a number of other celebrities that were once escorts and I would recommend checking out who is as it may surprise you.

Manchester killing kittens

A craze for high class sex parties has swept the country over the past few years with one controversial sex party brand becoming particularly popular. Killing Kittens is a private sex club that only admits beautiful people to its sex parties. Killing Kittens was formed in London ten years ago and began holdings parties in Manchester last year. Killing Kittens parties are now flourishing in Manchester with their eighth event in the city about to take place in a top secret location. The club has many high profile members including lawyers, police officers and celebrities and has many hedonists vying to be admitted into their secretive fold. To be admitted to the club entrants must send a photograph to ensure they are gorgeous enough to attend, tickets cost one hundred pounds for a couple and forty pounds for lone women. While lone men are not allowed to attend. Many lone men are dying to attend these sexy parties and often contact Manchester’s most renowned escort agency Exclusive Company Escorts to request one of the beautiful Manchester escorts accompany them for the evening. There is a strict dress code, women must wear a sexy cocktail dress, while gentlemen wear a smart suit. Above all else all attendees must wear masks to conceal their identity. They have also created a club for more mature members called silver kittens.

Attendees to these clubs are given the freedom to be a voyeur if so they wish, there is no pressure to partake in activities as many first attendees may find it easier watch the action rather than join in. Many go to spice up their sex lives and marriages or take their sex lives to the next level, whether couples and individuals want to watch, be watch or take part in a threesome, foursome or maybe something more, at Killing Kitten they satisfy all of their sexual desires. The evenings start with a champagne reception where guests can mingle and chat and allow the bubbles to release some of their inhibitions. There are then a number of different play rooms where people can wander off to for some extra privacy or start their own party with some new found friends, the options are endless. The parties go on late into the night until all the guests are completely satisfied with their sexual encounters. Killing Kitten parties are going from strength to strength and it looks like Manchester is set to see many sexy Soirees.