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There are many things you can get up to in Britain’s busy capital such as museums, bars, restaurants, large markets with plenty to sell, and not forgetting renting a bicycles and exploring the many parks they have to offer. This being said it can all lead to becoming low on energy when the night comes to a close. Having a night out in London can be very adventurous, even when booking a London Escort to accompany you on your night. No matter whether you party hard or light, when the fun is over you will be craving a night in one of London’s finest hotels, which brings me to the list of hotels you will want to stay in when visiting London, you…and your London escort.

The Best Hotels in London to Take Your London Escort

The Ritz – The Ritz has a lot of reputation for being one of the best hotels in London, with great customer services and great cuisine the Ritz is the hotel that shouts class and sophistication. You would struggle to impress yourself or your escort with any other hotel. Including the wide range of entertainment they have to offer, such as their very own casino.

The Hilton – The Hilton just like the Ritz, is one of the best in London. Arguably the finest in London, even the world. It’s easy to see where they get this reputation when spending a night in one of the rooms. It’s defiantly the one to choose if visiting London as it’s based close to the Thames and Canary Wharf. As you can imagine the food will match your expectation, although if not there are many local restaurants you and your escort can try close to the hotel itself.

Strand Palace – Last but not least we have the Strand Palace Hotel, one of the more grand and eye opening of the three. Here you will a classy hotel close to Covent Gardens and various tube lines allowing you to easily book accommodation and travel together. If the grand building fails to impress, there are many bars and buffets available for a night dining in style in a very romantic setting.

Why do People Book Tantric Massages?

As things become more popular people obviously start to gain interest in them… especially whenthose things make us question ideas that we previously held as true. One of those things that have been brought under the microscope recently is tantric massages. More and more people are experiencing great benefits from something as simple as a sensual massage which means more and more people are both interested in it and starting to talk about it. For a long time these massages were thought to be a simple substitute for prostitution with men and women going to dodgy massage parlours to get them. The truth is completely different from that. Tantric massages are not a form of prostitution and now-a-days, if you live in London you can have this sexy (but not sexual) experience in your own place. But why does someone decide to get a tantric massage from an agency like Love Tantric London? Here are some of the reasons you’ll commonly hear.ltl1

  • Because they felt drawn to it and simply wanted one. This is actually one of the most common reasons and it’s as respectable as any other. The truth is you don’t need a real reason other than healthy curiosity to get the massage. The simple fact you’re drawn to them means that they have something to offer you. Don’t let anyone talk you out of a fun and sensual experience simply because they feel you don’t have ‘enough of a reason’ to get one.
  • For help with sexually related issues like Erectile Dysfunction. Due to the sensual nature of the massages it’s common for people to seek help for sexual-related problems through them. Tantric massages can indeed help a person suffering from these ailments to either get better or to learn other ways of using their body to feel just as much pleasure as if they didn’t have these problems.
  • For emotional needs. While tantric massages work on a physical plane to help people the real change happens within. Many people come to the massages because they may feel lonely or in need of company. Human touch has a wonderful way to make us feel loved and like we are close to someone and tantric massages not only deal with touch but they also bring forth a human element by letting you connect with your masseuse.
Gay Massage London

Sexual Health

picSexual health is sometimes a matter we put far out of our minds; the idea that we could be incubating any sort of disease, especially a sexually-acquired one, is often the very last thing we want to think about. But we should really all take a leaf out of the books of those who work in gay massage in London. These sensible men keep themselves in absolutely peak condition thanks to clean lifestyles, regular exercise and the recommended twice-yearly sexual health checkups that are available throughout the capital. Many people with STIs don’t display symptoms so the checkups are advised as a matter of routine, even if you’re feeling fine. For example, 10 per cent of men with gonorrhoea don’t have any symptoms whatsoever. Some people fall for the idea that they won’t be able to cope if they get tested and find themselves to be carrying something. But not knowing is always worse in the long-run than knowing. There are many STIs that can be transmitted even by low-risk practices such as oral sex, so sexual health checkups are by no means only for those who engage in high-risk activity. The good news is that the overwhelming majority of STIs can be treated easily with strategies as straightforward and simple as a course of antibiotics.
People still labour under the illusion that they will be able to judge someone’s likelihood of carrying an STI (or STD) just by looking at them. They imagine that the person with an STI will look decrepit or seedy, rough around the edges or sickly. While it’s true that some conditions can make themselves apparent in a person’s face, thinking you can keep yourself safe by judging a person’s appearance is only just short of lunacy.

One of the great things about gay massage in London, such as the tantric massage offered bypic Tantric Soul, is that it is a highly erotic and sensual pleasure that comes without any risk of STIs. When you’re in the care of one of our gorgeous masseurs, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re in the arms of someone who will keep you out of harm’s way. And the therapy – involving Swedish and deep-tissue massage followed by body-to-body, tantric work – is a safe as it comes. Of course, you can’t be expected to confine yourself to this and no other forms of sexual activity, but there’s so much you can do to keep yourself informed. At you can stay abreast of all relevant developments, find out about sexual health clinics near you and sexual health services the length and breadth of the country.


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Stunning Escorts in London

When booking an escort in London one agency really stands out as being paramount in the industry in terms of the high standard of customer service they provide, the impeccable girls that they deliver, the high level of discretion they maintain and the wide variety of services they deliver. Next time you’re in London make sure to look out for the agency ‘Crush Escorts’ if you’re looking for high-class London escorts with low prices and incredible standards of services.

Looking for London Lady Lover?

The range of girls that Crush Escorts have recruited is truly outstanding and due to their vigorous the recruitment process, you can be

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Crush Escorts – Caroline

certain that only the best girls are hired by this unparalleled agency. The website that they have is great in all honestly, it’s straightforward to use, you can view the girls by type (which relates to the services they provide or the way that they look) or you can view them by location. This system makes finding your perfect girl easier than ever and I can assure you that after a small browse you will find the woman of your dreams.


If you’re looking for an attractive companion in London, why not book with Crush Escorts to ensure you make the most of the time you have with the most gorgeous escorts London has seen. Before you book with one of these girls, ensure that you first read the bios, reviews and FAQs so that you know what to expect, preparation with this sort of booking really is key to ensure that you have the best time possible. On that note, I’d suggest browsing the internet before your date to find something interesting for you to do; it’s things like this, taking that little bit of extra time and care over your booking that can really make the difference and make your evening more incredible than you had first envisaged.

Lavish in the London wonderland

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Crush Escorts – Caroline 2

London is thriving with great things to do and places to visit, so why not take advantage of this bustling city and visit some of London’s greatest attractions. One of the best parts of taking a beautiful companion to London is the incredible selection of restaurants that are located here, no matter what your palette or cravings there will be something here that tickles your fancy. One such example is ‘The Delaunay’ which is one of my favourite places to eat, with incredible menus, first class service and modest prices for the quality of the food I’d definitely have to recommend; if this, however, isn’t to your taste and you’re more of a sweet tooth, try out the ‘William Curley’ weekend dessert bar where you will be served the most incredible chocolate in a romantic setting. If you choose not to go to either of these places don’t hesitate to find somewhere else as London is filled with glamorous restaurants.

Regardless of what you choose to do, I’m sure you will find something exciting and it will all be made that much more fantastic when you are accompanied by a companion as beautiful as those at Crush Escorts. So stop reading blogs and start reading the bios of the divine girls at crush escorts, to do so feel free to visit this website ( ) and you’ll want to thank me when you most gorgeous girl you’ve ever met appears before you.


Canary Wharf- business district

Since its inception in the 1980s, Canary Wharf has grown in size and stature to represent the leading business and financial district in London, indeed the world! It sits alongside The City and Wall Street as a world power in finance however more recently it has evolved into a cultural area of some repute with the introduction of entertainment, leisure and residential venues. Canary Wharf is usually the preferred location for our business clients when they are visiting London. The Four seasons Hotel is the luxury hotel of choice for both business professionals and celebrities alike. The close proximity to the O2 centre makes it an ideal base for performers and celebrities and of course the luxurious surroundings go without saying. At Very High –End escort agency Canary Wharf we have a number of ladies who are always more than happy to join their companions in their suites when they are visiting London and Canary Wharf is the ideal location to stay. With its striking skyline, recognisable the world over and not dissimilar to that of New York’s Manhattan one would expect only the  very best in style and service in one’s choice of accommodation.


The perfect encounter would be to have one of our elite London escorts visit you to spend an evening of intimacy and companionship in such elegant refinement. Perhaps you could enjoy drinks on the terrace against the backdrop of the river and the city lights sparkling like crystal. Indeed, the beauty of your surroundings will only be eclipsed by the scintillating beauty and sparkling personality of your chosen elite London escort. At Very High-End London escort agency we ensure that our elite London escorts are the very epitome of excellence in both their looks and their personal qualities. There are few who can match our high standards which is why our fine International escort agency is a favorite for those who regularly travel the globe. Once exquisite excellence is experienced, nothing less will do. Call our high class London escort agency next time you know you will be travelling to London and make a date with our Canary Wharf escorts in London Docklands.

Why Guys Like Busty Escorts!

It’s a well-known fact that men can’t resist a women with big breasts, it’s something we can’t really work out why, but we just do! Now I personally like the busty London escorts from Carmen Secrets, a great agency with some of the hottest girls in London available to book on their website and luckily girls with some of the best boobs in the city! Now I don’t really know why I prefer to book escorts, but again, I just do and I have found that this agency gives me everything that I need and if I want to (which I have done on several occasions) I can arrange to take one of their lovely ladies away on holiday with me. Now this may sound strange to some at first, but taking one of the sexy London escorts with you abroad just makes everything better and certainly adds more than a touch of class to everywhere you go.

But anyway, back to the boobs… The great thing is that the agency has a wide selection of amazing young women, many with the larger bust, meaning that If this is something you like, which I don’t know why it wouldn’t be you don’t always have to always book the same girls, you can mix it up a little bit if you like! I personally really enjoy booking a lovely blonde who goes by the name of Evie and even if you don’t end up booking I would highly recommend you go over to the site and check her out! It’s not just beauty that Evie has though, but brains! She tells me that she is University educated and you can certainly tell in the type of conversations you can have with her! But it’s not all serious, you can also expect to have a good laugh with this busty escort!