Sparkles Escorts: Surrey Escorts & Booking Guide!

The escorts Surrey have to offer are truly remarkable, whether you’re a lover of busty blondes or beautiful brunettes, these escorts in Surrey are sure to tickle your fancy.

Sparkles Escorts have developed a positive reputation in the local area for the high standard of Surrey escorts they provide, along with the immense range of enticing erotic services available and the reasonable prices they are so proud to boast.

If You’ve Never Booked an Escort in Surrey…

If you’ve never booked an escort in Surrey then let me guide you through the process to make your booking more straightforward. First take a trip to whichever Surrey escort agency you choose to book with, for example Sparkles Escorts. Once you have ventured to their homepage, take the time to read about the agency, what they have to offer and look for details such as opening times/contact details. Once you have read the homepage content, use the location drop-down to journey on to the relevant gallery where you can see professional photographs of all of the Surrey escorts available in your area. If you find a girl that you feel is ideal for your booking then feel free to click on their image and read more about that companion, what they are interested in and what services they have to offer.

I’m going to assume that once you’ve taken the time to view the range of Surrey escorts available you’ll find an escort in Surrey perfect for the occasion; once you have chosen the lucky girl, I’d suggest filling in the bookings form (usually available on the agencies website) before calling up the Surrey escort agency you have chosen to book with; this is because client communication is invaluable when arranging a booking. Contacting the agency will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and gain some insight in to the model you are booking so that you are better prepared to plan the booking of a lifetime.

Preparation is Key When Booking the Escorts Surrey Have Available

As mentioned briefly above, preparation is key to the perfect booking- whether this means choosing the perfect restaurant, arranging the perfect companion or asking the agency about any special requirements you may have (e.g special services, disabled client or allergic to certain foods). Once you have made all of the preparations for your booking, the most important thing is to stay positive and look forward to your special night! Don’t be nervous, the escorts Surrey have to offer (especially when booking with Sparkles Escorts) are very friendly and tend to be quite open-minded.

Once your special evening arrives, prepare to impress. Although you are paying for the time of whichever high-calibre Surrey escort you have chosen, it’s important to respect the time she is spending with you and aim to impress her. The more of a connection you can build with your companion throughout the evening the more beneficial it will be for you and the more fun you will both have throughout your booking. Start off by dressing appropriately for the occasion, if you are going to a formal event or restaurant- dress like it! There’s nothing a woman loves more than a man who appears to a date dressed smart, looking confident and smelling fresh. Never attend a booking half-cut! No escorts appreciate a drunk client, and you wouldn’t appreciate a drunk companion either so respect the girl you are booking.

Throughout your booking you may have difficulty staying confident or making conversation, this is very common and it’s totally okay! Every girl recruited by an escort agency will be tested in their ability to converse and communicate with clients or colleagues from a variety of social circles. It’s this that allows clients to feel relaxed in the company of a Surrey escort whilst your companion takes the reigns. Most of the time escorts in Surrey are educated and interesting, ensuring that even if you find conversation tough- the companion you have booked will have something to talk about!

Review Your Surrey Escort

Once you have finished your booking (however it went) make sure to leave a review on either the agency website or more importantly escort review sites such as “The Erotic Review” or “Punternet” where clients are able to write, read and rate reviews of escort agencies in your area. Taking steps like this ensures that your opinion is aptly voiced and future potential clients either avoid making a poorly informed booking or are able to book the most reliable and professional escorts in Surrey.

A professional and gorgeous Anais

London Hotels

A perfect photograph of Izbella from London Seduction Girls


There are many things you can get up to in Britain’s busy capital such as museums, bars, restaurants, large markets with plenty to sell, and not forgetting renting a bicycles and exploring the many parks they have to offer. This being said it can all lead to becoming low on energy when the night comes to a close. Having a night out in London can be very adventurous, even when booking a London Escort to accompany you on your night. No matter whether you party hard or light, when the fun is over you will be craving a night in one of London’s finest hotels, which brings me to the list of hotels you will want to stay in when visiting London, you…and your London escort.

The Best Hotels in London to Take Your London Escort

The Ritz – The Ritz has a lot of reputation for being one of the best hotels in London, with great customer services and great cuisine the Ritz is the hotel that shouts class and sophistication. You would struggle to impress yourself or your escort with any other hotel. Including the wide range of entertainment they have to offer, such as their very own casino.

The Hilton – The Hilton just like the Ritz, is one of the best in London. Arguably the finest in London, even the world. It’s easy to see where they get this reputation when spending a night in one of the rooms. It’s defiantly the one to choose if visiting London as it’s based close to the Thames and Canary Wharf. As you can imagine the food will match your expectation, although if not there are many local restaurants you and your escort can try close to the hotel itself.

Strand Palace – Last but not least we have the Strand Palace Hotel, one of the more grand and eye opening of the three. Here you will a classy hotel close to Covent Gardens and various tube lines allowing you to easily book accommodation and travel together. If the grand building fails to impress, there are many bars and buffets available for a night dining in style in a very romantic setting.


Canary Wharf- business district

Since its inception in the 1980s, Canary Wharf has grown in size and stature to represent the leading business and financial district in London, indeed the world! It sits alongside The City and Wall Street as a world power in finance however more recently it has evolved into a cultural area of some repute with the introduction of entertainment, leisure and residential venues. Canary Wharf is usually the preferred location for our business clients when they are visiting London. The Four seasons Hotel is the luxury hotel of choice for both business professionals and celebrities alike. The close proximity to the O2 centre makes it an ideal base for performers and celebrities and of course the luxurious surroundings go without saying. At Very High –End escort agency Canary Wharf we have a number of ladies who are always more than happy to join their companions in their suites when they are visiting London and Canary Wharf is the ideal location to stay. With its striking skyline, recognisable the world over and not dissimilar to that of New York’s Manhattan one would expect only the  very best in style and service in one’s choice of accommodation.


The perfect encounter would be to have one of our elite London escorts visit you to spend an evening of intimacy and companionship in such elegant refinement. Perhaps you could enjoy drinks on the terrace against the backdrop of the river and the city lights sparkling like crystal. Indeed, the beauty of your surroundings will only be eclipsed by the scintillating beauty and sparkling personality of your chosen elite London escort. At Very High-End London escort agency we ensure that our elite London escorts are the very epitome of excellence in both their looks and their personal qualities. There are few who can match our high standards which is why our fine International escort agency is a favorite for those who regularly travel the globe. Once exquisite excellence is experienced, nothing less will do. Call our high class London escort agency next time you know you will be travelling to London and make a date with our Canary Wharf escorts in London Docklands.

Allure Agency Escorts

Enjoying Mansfield with Allure Agency

One of the best hotels in the Mansfield area goes by the name of the Mansfield manor, this establishment is based in a building which date back to a crazy 1805. Upon arrival to your room you will be struck by the elegance and relaxing feel the rooms give off making it ideal for a getaway holiday to get away from all the stresses of everyday work. They have a wide variety of rooms to offer however no matter what you decide to be accommodated in you can be assured you will be in the best of luxury for this area. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Mansfield escorts for the night of your dreams.

What Can You do For Food?

Here we have a photograph of the exterior of Mansfield Manor a popular destination

Mansfield Manor

If you are in the Mansfield area and looking for a restaurant then it doesn’t get much better than And Why Not, they serve up some of the best some of the best food available in the Mansfield area. This establishment also has a bar within the grounds which makes it ideal to enjoy the football at with them showing all Barclays Premier League games on sky sports. This establishment is definitely worth a try if you’re in the area. This is the ideal place to be joined by one of the most beautiful Mansfield escorts.

What about Drinks?

A photograph of the front exterior of the Bold Forester a pub in Mansfield

The Bold Forester

A great bar in the Mansfield area is The Bold Forester, this establishment is a pub however it also has a restaurant within the grounds. The food served here is of the highest order when it comes to pub food, they really do set the example for other food establishments in the area. They also have some incredible staff here, they give this place a welcoming and warm feeling they are very popular with the locals as well. This is ideal to take one of the most eye-catching Mansfield escorts for a quiet drink or even a delicious meal.

London house price rise slows down

The luxurious city of London has seen its housing prices slow down to crawl making it the third slowest mover on the growth index. This includes some the wealthiest parts of London and primarily within the central London market; more affordable housing and marylebone escorts in London has seen a much more dramatic increase.

At one time not so long ago the most expensive properties in London supported a struggling housing market but that was in 2009. Now in 2015 the overall changes look rather suprising. If you look at the higher valued properties in London you will discover that there has only been a 1.6pc rise in value over the last 12 months; when compared to 86pc across the prime London values since 2009. The only lower growth in the whole of the country was Dundee as 0.1pc and Sunderland at 0.7.

The areas of Kensington, Hampstead, Belgravia and Knightsbridge have an average price of 1,044,250 which is simply fantastic and actually 55pc high than London’s housing price peak in 2007. The slow rise of the last 12 months comes as no surprise as overall the rate has stayed very high. This certainly in a contrast with the rest of the country as many districts have actually seen lower prices since 2007.

The rise in housing prices seems to be exclusively for the ‘cheapest parts of London’. The top ten growth rates within London have almost been exclusively for the south of London; Luton and Oxford were the only two places which have risen higher than 12pc in the last 12 months.

How great are London escorts?

You know the city and you know all those famous sites but have you really seen it all. London is a beautiful charming place with plenty to offer you, but if you look a little closer I am sure you will find something to extra special to surprise you.

If you thought it couldn’t get better but have you seen escorts in London they are the best that you will ever find anywhere.

Why settle for anything less than amazing ladies who are excited about meeting you and you know you will be guaranteed a great time in their company. There is something very special about spending time with someone who has made it their mission to look after you in every possible way. London’s best-kept secret is their fabulous escorts.

an image of the lit up tree at Sushisamba, Heron Tower, London.

Sushisamba, London

All these lovely ladies come in all shapes and sizes and it’s good to know that you will find someone that suits your needs and personal taste. There are escorts from all over the world who come to London and have decided to stay because they have been seduced by this amazing city. They love everything from the beautiful unique scenery to the lovely warm people.

There are many who travel to London to specifically spend time with the escorts that live here. Those of us who live here are extremely lucky to have these ladies on our doorstep. You know that you are getting someone that is extra special that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ladies in London are a cut above the rest you can spend time with them on a one to one you will absolutely love their company, feel completely comfortable and at ease from the moment you introduce yourself then sit back and enjoy their friendly hospitality.

Let these lovely ladies show you how much fun you can have either with a stroll through Victoria Park or along The River Lea. A coffee or dinner is one of London cafes or restaurants or visits the sites and a little shopping we can guarantee that you should never be without one of our ladies to make sure you have the best time and thoroughly enjoy yourself. It’s like a perfect accessory for the perfect day or evening, you should never be without one.

An image of the River Lea in London.

The River Lea, London

Meet one of these great London escorts that we have right here in London you will be looked after like a king of London itself and you will be spending time with many sophisticated sexy ladies that truly know their way around the City and people. Take them anywhere they will brighten up any room as soon as they enter. Whatever the occasion they are dressed immaculately from head to toe.

An image of the King of London - King Henry the 2nd.

King of London – King Henry 2nd

You will feel amazing with one of these ladies in your arms and everyone will have their jaw on the floor when they see the lovely lady on your arm. The question isn’t why should you book but rather why shouldn’t you. Treat yourself to the best ladies out there their all right here in London ready to thrill and satisfy you.

3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts!


In this day and age many people will look at Manchester escorts and think that they are just whores doing this because they have nothing else and well that is not true. Many people who work as an escort do it because they enjoy their job and it helps them save the money they need to go and move onto there next endeavour. Something that many people overlook as well is that many of the celebrities that you love and admire were also escorts before they went on and became who they are now. So here is 3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts.

Russell_Brand_1734761aRussell Brand: Now this one may come to shock to you that someone that we see so much in social media and on television used to be an escort but it is true. During his teen years to ensure that he could pay his bills and fulfil his other needs her worked as an escort. As he has indicated he knew a number of escorts so for him to work in this world should have been no problem.

Denise_RichardsDenise Richards: Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, this may not have come to much of a surprise to a number of you as it seems kind of fitting that Charlie would marry her. Over the years Denise has featured in a number of TV and movie roles and has gained some attention for this. One of her more notable roles was as a bond girl in 1999. Many people say believe this is what kick-started her career but a number of sources have said she gained the fame from her involvement with the Heidi Fleiss Escort agency.

young-al-al-pacino-3922453-494-604Al Pacino: Now this one is not as blunt as the others and many not actually seem like he was working as an escort but from what he has said I believe he has. In a interview with the New York Post he said,

“At 20, I lived in Sicily by selling the only asset I had my body. An older woman traded food and housing in return for sex.”

Now we are not sure if this continued when he returned to the states as he was still trying to jumpstart his career.

Now that is three celebrities that were escorts before they made big. There are a number of other celebrities that were once escorts and I would recommend checking out who is as it may surprise you.

Why Guys Like Busty Escorts!

It’s a well-known fact that men can’t resist a women with big breasts, it’s something we can’t really work out why, but we just do! Now I personally like the busty London escorts from Carmen Secrets, a great agency with some of the hottest girls in London available to book on their website and luckily girls with some of the best boobs in the city! Now I don’t really know why I prefer to book escorts, but again, I just do and I have found that this agency gives me everything that I need and if I want to (which I have done on several occasions) I can arrange to take one of their lovely ladies away on holiday with me. Now this may sound strange to some at first, but taking one of the sexy London escorts with you abroad just makes everything better and certainly adds more than a touch of class to everywhere you go.

But anyway, back to the boobs… The great thing is that the agency has a wide selection of amazing young women, many with the larger bust, meaning that If this is something you like, which I don’t know why it wouldn’t be you don’t always have to always book the same girls, you can mix it up a little bit if you like! I personally really enjoy booking a lovely blonde who goes by the name of Evie and even if you don’t end up booking I would highly recommend you go over to the site and check her out! It’s not just beauty that Evie has though, but brains! She tells me that she is University educated and you can certainly tell in the type of conversations you can have with her! But it’s not all serious, you can also expect to have a good laugh with this busty escort!