Best Nightclubs In London

London has some of incredible night life one of the best nightclubs in the whole of the capital goes by the name of The Ministry of Sound, this is arguably the most well-known club in London. If you’re looking for somewhere to party it up all night long it really doesn’t get much better than this location. This club has some incredible names playing music at this venue with such acts as Wretch 32 and DJ Fresh as well as many more. The atmosphere is incredible here if you’re a party animal this is definitely the place for you, you’ll have the time of your life. This incredible nightclub is the perfect location to take a stunning escort from the most reliable London escort directory: to enjoy a drink before venturing to a more private venue to enjoy the night of your dreams.

ministry of sound

One of the most exclusive nightclubs in the capital is Boujis, this member’s only club has an incredibly high class feel upon arrival the décor is really special. If you are thinking of becoming a member at this exclusive location be prepared to see some familiar faces with many A-listers attending this establishment week in week out. Boujis doesn’t stop in London either they invited their list of exclusive members to party it up in Ibiza back in 2013. This location is ideal to be joined by a beautiful escort from a London Escort Directory.


Another luxurious yet exclusive club in London is called Annabel’s, this club is also members only and is made for the famous and well-dressed up. Yet again if you want to become a member be prepared to see some famous faces with a wide range of celebrities being on their member list. This location is the sort of location you would take an incredible escort from a London Escort Directory.


London cultural centres are the most “Googled,” but what about London escorts?

Recent news reports have claimed that our great cultural institutions are the more Googled in the whole world.  Enough to make any Englishman proud we know, but we’d be interested to see how many people Google London escorts…

Boris Johnson, in an attempt to leap onto anything that makes him sound competent, said that this proves “without a doubt [London is] the cultural capital of the world”.  We are of course very proud of London and it’s achievement; which incidentally have not much to do with Johnson.  We’re kidding of course, we do like to have a pop at the authority figures, it’s a quintessentially British thing to do!  We would of course like to point out that along with the city being “the cultural capital,” it is also the escort capital of the world!  Only the very best gravitate to London!

What are these attractions?

Cultural attractions well Googled and well worth a visit when you’re in London:

  • The Science Museum (most Googled in the world apparently!)
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • The Tate Modern

This is only a taste of the most Googled of course.  Apparently people from all over the world are also Googling theatres and places to stay too.  The figures also show that London is the most searched for city for international getaways.

How often are London escorts Googled?

What would it take to get Google to release figures on how often “London escorts” are Googled we wonder?  Now that would make interesting reading!  We are pretty damn sure it’ll be damn high.  However, Google won’t publish this information we’re sure.  Hell, agencies can’t even get adverts through Google.  As if we’re offering something unusual or illegal for goodness sake!  They don’t mind promoting adult dating sites where people can meet random strangers in hotels for sex.  London escorts agencies don’t even offer sexual service.  Most agencies display genuine pictures, offer an excellent booking service and can have your chosen girl with you in no time at all.  Now that’s a companionship service that really ought to be promoted through Google don’t you think?

Good for London escorts business!

Ah well, you can’t win them all of course.  But as long as London continues to be the most Googled city in the world when it comes to travel and cultural attractions, business is sure to be good.  We’re not complaining anyway.  However, when you do look on Google for an escort agency, please make sure you pick one that has been established for a while and has good feedback.  Remember that the independent review sites are always useful.  Better to read that someone else has had a good time before you book in many cases.

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Best bars in Chelsea

Chelsea is a brilliant area in London that is home to some fantastic bars where you can spend your evening in a pleasant and social atmosphere. Here you will discover a small selection of fantastic bars that you should think about spending your evening at if you have not already.


The first bar on our list is the amazing Gallow Green which is something you may not have been expecting but this bar is a fantastic place to have a few drinks in a bar that is unique to all other bars in London. Here you will be able to relax in an incredible atmosphere surrounded by greenery which adds to the whole experience as it is not your normal bar. Relaxing here with a few drinks is the perfect way to spend your evening in Chelsea, especially in the company of beautiful female Chelsea escorts from the high class London escort agency of International Bunnies that hosts a wide selection of high class London escorts.


Next is the Rye House which has an incredible selection of drinks on offer for its guests that include gins, vodkas, and rums with much more for you to discover on your visit to this incredible bar. The focus at this bar is mostly on drinking however you will have the opportunity to the classic pub grub here at the Rye House when you start to get hungry.


As for our last bar in Chelsea The Tippler is a fantastic cocktail bar that is a must visit if you are into your cocktails. You will be pleasantly surprised when you sip on one of their cocktails for the first time as at The Tippler their cocktails menu is perfected with delightful treats for you to enjoy. Be sure to visit any of these incredible bars in Chelsea for a memorable experience especially in the company of a beautiful Chelsea escort.

London house price rise slows down

The luxurious city of London has seen its housing prices slow down to crawl making it the third slowest mover on the growth index. This includes some the wealthiest parts of London and primarily within the central London market; more affordable housing and marylebone escorts in London has seen a much more dramatic increase.

At one time not so long ago the most expensive properties in London supported a struggling housing market but that was in 2009. Now in 2015 the overall changes look rather suprising. If you look at the higher valued properties in London you will discover that there has only been a 1.6pc rise in value over the last 12 months; when compared to 86pc across the prime London values since 2009. The only lower growth in the whole of the country was Dundee as 0.1pc and Sunderland at 0.7.

The areas of Kensington, Hampstead, Belgravia and Knightsbridge have an average price of 1,044,250 which is simply fantastic and actually 55pc high than London’s housing price peak in 2007. The slow rise of the last 12 months comes as no surprise as overall the rate has stayed very high. This certainly in a contrast with the rest of the country as many districts have actually seen lower prices since 2007.

The rise in housing prices seems to be exclusively for the ‘cheapest parts of London’. The top ten growth rates within London have almost been exclusively for the south of London; Luton and Oxford were the only two places which have risen higher than 12pc in the last 12 months.

How great are London escorts?

You know the city and you know all those famous sites but have you really seen it all. London is a beautiful charming place with plenty to offer you, but if you look a little closer I am sure you will find something to extra special to surprise you.

If you thought it couldn’t get better but have you seen escorts in London they are the best that you will ever find anywhere.

Why settle for anything less than amazing ladies who are excited about meeting you and you know you will be guaranteed a great time in their company. There is something very special about spending time with someone who has made it their mission to look after you in every possible way. London’s best-kept secret is their fabulous escorts.

an image of the lit up tree at Sushisamba, Heron Tower, London.

Sushisamba, London

All these lovely ladies come in all shapes and sizes and it’s good to know that you will find someone that suits your needs and personal taste. There are escorts from all over the world who come to London and have decided to stay because they have been seduced by this amazing city. They love everything from the beautiful unique scenery to the lovely warm people.

There are many who travel to London to specifically spend time with the escorts that live here. Those of us who live here are extremely lucky to have these ladies on our doorstep. You know that you are getting someone that is extra special that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ladies in London are a cut above the rest you can spend time with them on a one to one you will absolutely love their company, feel completely comfortable and at ease from the moment you introduce yourself then sit back and enjoy their friendly hospitality.

Let these lovely ladies show you how much fun you can have either with a stroll through Victoria Park or along The River Lea. A coffee or dinner is one of London cafes or restaurants or visits the sites and a little shopping we can guarantee that you should never be without one of our ladies to make sure you have the best time and thoroughly enjoy yourself. It’s like a perfect accessory for the perfect day or evening, you should never be without one.

An image of the River Lea in London.

The River Lea, London

Meet one of these great London escorts that we have right here in London you will be looked after like a king of London itself and you will be spending time with many sophisticated sexy ladies that truly know their way around the City and people. Take them anywhere they will brighten up any room as soon as they enter. Whatever the occasion they are dressed immaculately from head to toe.

An image of the King of London - King Henry the 2nd.

King of London – King Henry 2nd

You will feel amazing with one of these ladies in your arms and everyone will have their jaw on the floor when they see the lovely lady on your arm. The question isn’t why should you book but rather why shouldn’t you. Treat yourself to the best ladies out there their all right here in London ready to thrill and satisfy you.

AJs London escort Vanessa

Why are London escorts so popular?

It’s a complete myth that men who are lonely crave for London escorts! The truth is any young man who wants to spend some cosy and quality time with a beautiful lady, with no strings of commitment can opt in for London escorts. These stunning beauties are not just about secluded moments of private fun. Rather, with their wit and intelligence they can spark up a conversation and can fuel in all the zest and zeal that you were otherwise missing. To top that, their amicable nature would melt your heart and make you want to prolong your romantic moments shared together. Wondering where to find such fascinating divas? A J London Escorts is your one stop platform for the same.

Photo of Melanie

Sexy image of escort Melanie from AJs agency.

Reasons why London escorts are popular

  • These stunning women are much more than being bold and experimental! They are trained and authentic. This means when you browse through the web pages of any London escort agency, for instance A J London Escorts and meet the diva finally that called out to you, you will realize for yourself that you see is what you get. It’s almost like the gorgeous femme fatale just walked out of the website image gallery. It’s that real. This shows, as a leading escort agency A J London Escorts values your time and is dedicated to cater to you authentically.
  • These stunning women are a blend a charm and smartness! Part of this comes with the way they dress themselves. These girls, regardless of being a brunette, blond, ebony or Asian has good taste in style and fashion. This is what attracts men towards them! After all, every man basks in the glory of carrying a glamorous diva beside him. This is what makes London escorts popular amongst men.
  • Popular London escort agencies operate with great professionalism. This means, that these agencies keep all track record of their clients private and confidential.
  • Based on client requirements, London escorts are available both for incall and outcall services. All you need to do is call up the agency and claim the service you want and the same will be arranged for you.
  • Eminent London escorts are available at an affordable price range! The agencies charge you a reasonable price range for their classy escorts and do not rob you of your savings. This acts as a huge bonus for the agency’s elite customers.
Cheap London escort Brandi

Ebony companion Brandi

A J London Escorts qualifies in all the above mentioned attributes and this is what makes it a popular escort agency. Elite London escorts from this agency are the perfect combination of beauty and brains. In their presence, you don’t realize how you shift from idle chit chats to romantic talking and nudging!

AJs London escort Vanessa

Glamour photo of cheap London escort Vanessa

Summary: London escorts are popular amongst young and men matured men for their looks, personality, experimental nature and authenticity. If you are searching for a place to get in touch with such a bombshell, A J London Escorts is the place to be. From the petite to curvy beauty, there’s everything that wild men want.

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3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts!


In this day and age many people will look at Manchester escorts and think that they are just whores doing this because they have nothing else and well that is not true. Many people who work as an escort do it because they enjoy their job and it helps them save the money they need to go and move onto there next endeavour. Something that many people overlook as well is that many of the celebrities that you love and admire were also escorts before they went on and became who they are now. So here is 3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts.

Russell_Brand_1734761aRussell Brand: Now this one may come to shock to you that someone that we see so much in social media and on television used to be an escort but it is true. During his teen years to ensure that he could pay his bills and fulfil his other needs her worked as an escort. As he has indicated he knew a number of escorts so for him to work in this world should have been no problem.

Denise_RichardsDenise Richards: Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, this may not have come to much of a surprise to a number of you as it seems kind of fitting that Charlie would marry her. Over the years Denise has featured in a number of TV and movie roles and has gained some attention for this. One of her more notable roles was as a bond girl in 1999. Many people say believe this is what kick-started her career but a number of sources have said she gained the fame from her involvement with the Heidi Fleiss Escort agency.

young-al-al-pacino-3922453-494-604Al Pacino: Now this one is not as blunt as the others and many not actually seem like he was working as an escort but from what he has said I believe he has. In a interview with the New York Post he said,

“At 20, I lived in Sicily by selling the only asset I had my body. An older woman traded food and housing in return for sex.”

Now we are not sure if this continued when he returned to the states as he was still trying to jumpstart his career.

Now that is three celebrities that were escorts before they made big. There are a number of other celebrities that were once escorts and I would recommend checking out who is as it may surprise you.

Manchester killing kittens

A craze for high class sex parties has swept the country over the past few years with one controversial sex party brand becoming particularly popular. Killing Kittens is a private sex club that only admits beautiful people to its sex parties. Killing Kittens was formed in London ten years ago and began holdings parties in Manchester last year. Killing Kittens parties are now flourishing in Manchester with their eighth event in the city about to take place in a top secret location. The club has many high profile members including lawyers, police officers and celebrities and has many hedonists vying to be admitted into their secretive fold. To be admitted to the club entrants must send a photograph to ensure they are gorgeous enough to attend, tickets cost one hundred pounds for a couple and forty pounds for lone women. While lone men are not allowed to attend. Many lone men are dying to attend these sexy parties and often contact Manchester’s most renowned escort agency Exclusive Company Escorts to request one of the beautiful Manchester escorts accompany them for the evening. There is a strict dress code, women must wear a sexy cocktail dress, while gentlemen wear a smart suit. Above all else all attendees must wear masks to conceal their identity. They have also created a club for more mature members called silver kittens.

Attendees to these clubs are given the freedom to be a voyeur if so they wish, there is no pressure to partake in activities as many first attendees may find it easier watch the action rather than join in. Many go to spice up their sex lives and marriages or take their sex lives to the next level, whether couples and individuals want to watch, be watch or take part in a threesome, foursome or maybe something more, at Killing Kitten they satisfy all of their sexual desires. The evenings start with a champagne reception where guests can mingle and chat and allow the bubbles to release some of their inhibitions. There are then a number of different play rooms where people can wander off to for some extra privacy or start their own party with some new found friends, the options are endless. The parties go on late into the night until all the guests are completely satisfied with their sexual encounters. Killing Kitten parties are going from strength to strength and it looks like Manchester is set to see many sexy Soirees.

Why Guys Like Busty Escorts!

It’s a well-known fact that men can’t resist a women with big breasts, it’s something we can’t really work out why, but we just do! Now I personally like the busty London escorts from Carmen Secrets, a great agency with some of the hottest girls in London available to book on their website and luckily girls with some of the best boobs in the city! Now I don’t really know why I prefer to book escorts, but again, I just do and I have found that this agency gives me everything that I need and if I want to (which I have done on several occasions) I can arrange to take one of their lovely ladies away on holiday with me. Now this may sound strange to some at first, but taking one of the sexy London escorts with you abroad just makes everything better and certainly adds more than a touch of class to everywhere you go.

But anyway, back to the boobs… The great thing is that the agency has a wide selection of amazing young women, many with the larger bust, meaning that If this is something you like, which I don’t know why it wouldn’t be you don’t always have to always book the same girls, you can mix it up a little bit if you like! I personally really enjoy booking a lovely blonde who goes by the name of Evie and even if you don’t end up booking I would highly recommend you go over to the site and check her out! It’s not just beauty that Evie has though, but brains! She tells me that she is University educated and you can certainly tell in the type of conversations you can have with her! But it’s not all serious, you can also expect to have a good laugh with this busty escort!


Liz – Mayfair girls London escorts

The weekend is nearly here and for most people that means it’s time to spend time with family or friends, do household chores or partaking in hobbies. The latter being something I suppose you could count what I plan on doing as; as my plans for this weekend involve a few amazingly good looking girls and a weekend full of nonstop pleasure and satisfaction. My method of doing this involves using a London escort agency, which is always going to be Mayfair Girls London escorts, thanks to my countless good experiences with them. For over a year now I have been going to them when I have felt the desire to spend my weekend like I wish to this one; they are always very understanding of what it is I desire and they are very efficient at setting up a booking for me. Even on the occasions when I am not entirely sure what I am looking for, they are quick to offer me options and a great bit of information about the girls they are recommending in order for me to assess who takes my fancy.

London escort Liz

London escort Liz

Recently I called them up an expressed a desire to meet somebody who was a bit more mature and the other side of thirty to the girls that I usually see, after a few minutes of searching they recommended Liz. A gorgeous blonde Eastern European, she looked the real deal and I was instantly attracted to her. So I arranged to meet with her later that evening, and the one thing that the website can’t do is show just what an amazing person Liz is, she is very polite and well educated, we discussed various topics over dinner and I didn’t once lose interest. On top of this she has a really bubbly personality and she was always lots of fun; once things got more intimate her experience shone through and she gave me a night to remember.

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