Finest Establishments In Manchester

Manchester as a city has a hell of a lot to offer for its residents and visitors, Manchester as a whole has some incredible establishments which never get any publicity in like some establishments in a city like London or Birmingham.

An photograph taken of the English City Manchester. The Best City in the whole of the UK.

City of Manchester, England, UK.

Manchester has so many establishments of different kinds that are an extremely high class in fact too many to even mention, if you are coming to this city then it is advised that you stay for a few days so you can really seize the moment and get the true experience of what Manchester has to offer.

A banner logo image from I love Manchester.

I love Manchester.

if you love to enjoy cuisine when visiting a city then you have one of the widest selections in the entire country when it comes to high-class food establishments. One restaurant in the city of Manchester that is definitely worth spending your time at is the Try Thai restaurant, this is the home of Thai cuisine in the city of Manchester and the environment they create is perfect for you to enjoy one of the finest meals with one of the most beautiful Manchester escorts.

The banner image from the Manchester Escort Agency, Candy Shop Escorts.

Candy Shop Escorts – Manchester Escort Agency

Manchester also has some brilliant accommodation to offer to its visitors, one hotel in this city that is most certainly worth spending your nights in goes by the name of The Midland M2 3NQ. This hotel is about as good as they come when it comes to luxury in the city of Manchester, the rooms they provide at this hotel are truly luxurious and lovely to spend a romantic night in the company of Manchester’s finest escorts.

Manchester also has some great nightlife which is worth trying, one nightclub that stands out in this city is the South Club Manchester M2 6DQ, which every party-lover will appreciate for the simple fact the atmosphere in this establishment is truly incredible every night without fail.


Best Restaurants in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most affluent cities in the North West of England and has a huge amount of influx of people visiting daily therefore near the end of your visit you might want to head over to a restaurant for a meal, so here is a short list of the best restaurants in Liverpool;

The London Carriage Works 

The London Carriage is an award winning AA rosette restaurant which was started as a carriage builders in 1866 and many years later was converted into a restaurant, the menus consist of large varieties of meats, fish, vegetables with vegetarian options as well as cheeses and much more and is brilliant place to come for a meal with a company if you’re looking to impress, the drinks menu is also a quite extensive including over 190 wines as well as beers, lagers and ales. 40 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9DA


The Exchange is a lavish and luxurious hotel located inside the Hilton hotel in Liverpool, the restaurant serves scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients and care, the restaurant can also be hired for large parties and private hire which is a bonus and something unexpected from a hotel, they also have an extremely good bar as well called the pima which serves excellent drinks straight to you dining table. Hilton Liverpool City Centre, 3 Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool, L1 8LW

Sapporo Teppanyaki 

A Japanese restaurant Sapporo is quite the different type of Japanese restaurant as it serves a lot of meat as well as fish/sushi but it also does it in a style which is hardly ever seen in the UK, they cook it in front of you meal by meal which is quite the impressive feat, they also have a great drinks menu as well consisting of many Japanese drinks like sake. Sapporo Teppankyaki Liverpool, 134 Duke Street, East Village, L1 5AG

Liverpool Escorts escort image

Liverpool has some of the beautiful ladies in all of the UK, however the Liverpool escorts have the most gorgeous and intelligent women to boot, these girls are the best of the best at their profession and are beautifully stunning when you meet them.


Best Bars in Liverpool

Liverpool being a very big and popular city in the United Kingdom and have an incredible amount of history as well as a great night life, so here is a short list of the best bars in Liverpool;


Constellations as the website puts it is one of the best places for chilled breakfast, laid back lunch or just to soak up all the incredible opportunities and different cultures, the food menu is quite extensive serving a lot of Italian, French and British cuisine which adds a scrumptious delight to it, the drinks menu is quite impressive having a rather large selection of craft ales, beers, lagers, spirits and wines available at your expense. 37-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS, United Kingdom.

Mal Bar 

This quaint little bar is Mal Bar and it’s quite the quirky bar making its own fabulous cocktails and the classics, at night this bar is the centre of a good night life with rich atmosphere that nowhere else can beat it lives up to its ratings as one of the best bars in Liverpool, not only serve a rich variety of cocktails but exquisite champagnes, beers and spirits and with great music to liven up the night no one has any problems. 7 William Jessop Way, Liverpool, L3 1QZ

Santa Chupitos 

Santa Chupitos is an excellent cocktail bar with hundreds of cocktails that are freshly made with fresh ingredients, every week they come up with a new drink or 2 to add to the list which is always a treat, further more they have quite the interesting seasonal menu making use of the ingredients and classic cocktails for the season, even if they don’t have the cocktail that you want ask them to make it via the ingredients you want in that mixer and they will. 41 Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BX

Liverpool Escorts 

In Liverpool there are a lot of beautiful ladies around and the Liverpool escorts are the best in Liverpool, they’re beautiful and gorgeous and never cease to amaze as one of them walks through your door eager to please you for the night, go out for a drink at one of the aforementioned bars and have a great night.



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Visit the city of Chester

The north west of England is certainly a beautiful part of England one that you should visit if you really want to get a feeling of what England is all about. One of the most beautiful cities in the north has to be Chester which is a melting pot of culture from old to new there is something for everyone here. Lying close to the river Dee and close to the boarder with wales Chester is the most populous area in Chester with more than 77,00 people living there.

Chester has a lot of history so exploring this is a must. A beautiful place to visit is Chester Cathedral which is in fact what defines Chester as a city. The building itself is a huge testament to English gothic architecture, the traits of which you will find across England in buildings such as Big Ben for Example. Built in 1541 you will find your visit to be deeply rewarding and a great introduction to Chester.


Chester Zoo. People from all over England come to visit Chester zoo as it is one of the best in the count. Tripadvisor actually named it the best zoo in England this year and if you have ever had the chance to visit it is obvious why. There are more than 12000 animals and 400 different species here making it a truly amazing place to visit for both adults and children alike.

Nightlife in Chester is considered to be one of the best in the UK. If you are looking to book Chester escorts or are simply after and quite meal over a glass of wine, Chester does it in a fantastic and unique way. As with many cities there is a wealth of different food to be enjoyed and wines to be sampled.

Kensington High Class Establishment

Kensington is one of the most affluent areas in the whole of the country never mind just the capital city, London. With this being such an affluent area it makes for some of the most incredible establishments in the whole of the country, if you haven’t tried the cuisine in this amazing city you don’t know what you’re missing out on. One of the best restaurants throughout the whole of the city goes by the name of Rocca this restaurant serves some delicious Italian cuisine. The atmosphere here is very relaxing which makes it perfect to enjoy maybe a date. This is the perfect kind of establishment to be accompanied by one of the most beautiful Kensington Escorts while you get to know each other.

Kensington also has many amazing hotels for you to indulge in. There are many 5 star hotels in this area of the capital city, which means if you’re looking for a hotel in the Kensington area for a brilliant holiday then you have so much to choose from in this incredible city. One of the best hotels in this affluent area is definitely The Kensington Hotel, this hotel is extremely luxurious and perfect for a weekend getaway. They have a wide variety of rooms for you to choose from all of which are amazing. This is the perfect kind of place to take one of the most stunning Kensington escorts for the night of your wildest dreams without interruption.

These are just a couple of the high class establishments in the city of Kensington and there are so many more which haven’t been mentioned. If you are planning a trip to this affluent city then you need a good few days here to indulge in everything city has to offer, there really is so much for visitors.

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A professional photograph of Lea a stunning London escort

Suitable Locations To Take Your London Escort

There are many high class locations in London that you could take a London escort. If you’re looking for exquisite cuisine in the capital then it doesn’t get much better than the Chez Bruce restaurant, this establishment serves up some of the best French cuisine in the whole of London. The staff at this establishment have set the example for customer service, they really do work around the clock to make sure your meal with them is of the highest order. This is the perfect kind of location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning London escorts for an exquisite meal.

A photograph of the interior to the chez bruce restaurant

Chez Bruce Restaurant


It doesn’t stop at the cuisine in this incredible city, London has some incredible nightlife to offer and one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the capital goes by the name of Boujis, this exclusive nightclub is a members only club. This is about as exclusive as it gets when it comes to nightclubs, if you are planning on becoming a member here then be prepared to see some familiar faces with many A-listers attending this establishment week in and week out. They also have another exclusive club based in Hong Kong, they also invited all their London members to party it up with them in Ibiza back in 2013. This is the perfect kind of location to be accompanied by one of the most beautiful London escorts for a long night of partying.

An image of the interior to Boujis


Hotel 41

If you would prefer to enjoy your companions company in a more private venue then you should definitely try Hotel 41, this establishment is epitome of luxury. They have a wide variety of rooms for you to choose from however even the cheapest room they offer is still insanely luxurious. This is the perfect place to be accompanied by one of the most eye-catching London escorts for the time of your life.

An image of the corridor of hotel 41

Hotel 41

London Area of Knightsbridge Guide – Best Places to Shop and Stay

In Knightsbridge, Harrods is the most recognized shop in the world which is famed especially for its annual Christmas windows and the lights display. It is at the centre of the Knightsbridge, a place which has become the best in London that can max out your credit card. Brompton Road is the traditional situation for the designers to get their flagship stores that increase the number together with the legendary designers of the shoes Manolo, Jimmy choo and Blahnik.

The department stores are dominating the area and bring in tourists, who can take their pick out of a selection of luxurious hotels. To the north, the serpentine and Hyde Park lake offers attractive open spaces away from the bustle. The South of Knightsbridge is also an attractive place for a stroll, with grand trending boutiques replaced by neat terraces, antique shops, and gardens. On the ground floor and the foundation of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel can be traced on the first London restaurants of the most celebrated chefs Daniel Boulud and Heston Blumenthal.

 Places to say

The Royal Mews

This is a discreet residents only, comfort and Haven of style overlooking The Royal Mews at the place of Buckingham. A chic white and black design scheme is complemented by the plentiful rich mahogany in the whole hotel particularly the Executive Lounge where natural daylight floods in from the glass roof.

It is an intimate club like property opened in 2001 that offers the height of five star luxury , beautiful suites and 30 rooms including two unique hospitality suites , butler service ,latest room in terms of technology , 24 hour room service , full concierge service and a nice and outstanding level of personal service.

Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

The vibrant modern European of Mimosa bar and restaurant ,contrast the sense of tranquility imbued in the 87th luxurious bedrooms , including 14 private suites each and everyone taking their inspiration from nature’s changing seasons .

Jumeirah Carlton Tower

The hotel features around 220 rooms including 58 suites and a presidential suite with a stunning Paronamic views. It provides three restaurants serving a large mouth watering cuisine with a renowned rib room. It also features the luxurious Peak Health Club and spa, providing a fully equipped gymnasium, a 20 meter heated indoor and a state of the art golf simulator, stylish and versatile event rooms to suite all needs.

The Berkely

This is a stylish oasis in fashionable Knightsbridge having 214 rooms and suites with a contemporary feel. All are fixed with assortment of creature comforts and an entertainment system featuring digital quality music and films.

It provides two of the best dining experiences, Michelin starred Marcus wareing at the Berkeley and koffmann’s celebrating Pierre Koffman’s long awaited return to London’s gastronomic scene. The Caramel Room dispenses London most stylish afternoon tea, featuring pastries and cakes echoing the very latest fashion trends. The health Berkeley health club and spa provides the art of fitness facilities and health and beauty treatments.

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Here we have a professional photograph of the absolutely perfect Mansfield escort called Hannah


One of the best hotels in the Mansfield area goes by the name of the Mansfield manor, this establishment is based in a building which date back to a crazy 1805. Upon arrival to your room you will be struck by the elegance and relaxing feel the rooms give off making it ideal for a getaway holiday to get away from all the stresses of everyday work. They have a wide variety of rooms to offer however no matter what you decide to be accommodated in you can be assured you will be in the best of luxury for this area. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Mansfield escorts for the night of your dreams.

What Can You do For Food?

Here we have a photograph of the exterior of Mansfield Manor a popular destination

Mansfield Manor

If you are in the Mansfield area and looking for a restaurant then it doesn’t get much better than And Why Not, they serve up some of the best some of the best food available in the Mansfield area. This establishment also has a bar within the grounds which makes it ideal to enjoy the football at with them showing all Barclays Premier League games on sky sports. This establishment is definitely worth a try if you’re in the area. This is the ideal place to be joined by one of the most beautiful Mansfield escorts.

What about Drinks?

A photograph of the front exterior of the Bold Forester a pub in Mansfield

The Bold Forester

A great bar in the Mansfield area is The Bold Forester, this establishment is a pub however it also has a restaurant within the grounds. The food served here is of the highest order when it comes to pub food, they really do set the example for other food establishments in the area. They also have some incredible staff here, they give this place a welcoming and warm feeling they are very popular with the locals as well. This is ideal to take one of the most eye-catching Mansfield escorts for a quiet drink or even a delicious meal.

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