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Attendees to these clubs are given the freedom to be a voyeur if so they wish, there is no pressure to partake in activities as many first attendees may find it easier watch the action rather than join in. Many go to spice up their sex lives and marriages or take their sex lives to the next level, whether couples and individuals want to watch, be watch or take part in a threesome, foursome or maybe something more, at Killing Kitten they satisfy all of their sexual desires. The evenings start with a champagne reception where guests can mingle and chat and allow the bubbles to release some of their inhibitions. There are then a number of different play rooms where people can wander off to for some extra privacy or start their own party with some new found friends, the options are endless. The parties go on late into the night until all the guests are completely satisfied with their sexual encounters. Killing Kitten parties are going from strength to strength and it looks like Manchester is set to see many sexy Soirees.