Kensington is one of the most affluent areas in the whole of the country never mind just the capital city, London. With this being such an affluent area it makes for some of the most incredible establishments in the whole of the country, if you haven’t tried the cuisine in this amazing city you don’t know what you’re missing out on. One of the best restaurants throughout the whole of the city goes by the name of Rocca this restaurant serves some delicious Italian cuisine. The atmosphere here is very relaxing which makes it perfect to enjoy maybe a date. This is the perfect kind of establishment to be accompanied by one of the most beautiful Kensington Escorts while you get to know each other.

Kensington also has many amazing hotels for you to indulge in. There are many 5 star hotels in this area of the capital city, which means if you’re looking for a hotel in the Kensington area for a brilliant holiday then you have so much to choose from in this incredible city. One of the best hotels in this affluent area is definitely The Kensington Hotel, this hotel is extremely luxurious and perfect for a weekend getaway. They have a wide variety of rooms for you to choose from all of which are amazing. This is the perfect kind of place to take one of the most stunning Kensington escorts for the night of your wildest dreams without interruption.

These are just a couple of the high class establishments in the city of Kensington and there are so many more which haven’t been mentioned. If you are planning a trip to this affluent city then you need a good few days here to indulge in everything city has to offer, there really is so much for visitors.