The north west of England is certainly a beautiful part of England one that you should visit if you really want to get a feeling of what England is all about. One of the most beautiful cities in the north has to be Chester which is a melting pot of culture from old to new there is something for everyone here. Lying close to the river Dee and close to the boarder with wales Chester is the most populous area in Chester with more than 77,00 people living there.

Chester has a lot of history so exploring this is a must. A beautiful place to visit is Chester Cathedral which is in fact what defines Chester as a city. The building itself is a huge testament to English gothic architecture, the traits of which you will find across England in buildings such as Big Ben for Example. Built in 1541 you will find your visit to be deeply rewarding and a great introduction to Chester.


Chester Zoo. People from all over England come to visit Chester zoo as it is one of the best in the count. Tripadvisor actually named it the best zoo in England this year and if you have ever had the chance to visit it is obvious why. There are more than 12000 animals and 400 different species here making it a truly amazing place to visit for both adults and children alike.

Nightlife in Chester is considered to be one of the best in the UK. If you are looking to book Chester escorts or are simply after and quite meal over a glass of wine, Chester does it in a fantastic and unique way. As with many cities there is a wealth of different food to be enjoyed and wines to be sampled.