In this day and age many people will look at Manchester escorts and think that they are just whores doing this because they have nothing else and well that is not true. Many people who work as an escort do it because they enjoy their job and it helps them save the money they need to go and move onto there next endeavour. Something that many people overlook as well is that many of the celebrities that you love and admire were also escorts before they went on and became who they are now. So here is 3 celebrities you didn’t know used to be escorts.

Russell_Brand_1734761aRussell Brand: Now this one may come to shock to you that someone that we see so much in social media and on television used to be an escort but it is true. During his teen years to ensure that he could pay his bills and fulfil his other needs her worked as an escort. As he has indicated he knew a number of escorts so for him to work in this world should have been no problem.

Denise_RichardsDenise Richards: Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, this may not have come to much of a surprise to a number of you as it seems kind of fitting that Charlie would marry her. Over the years Denise has featured in a number of TV and movie roles and has gained some attention for this. One of her more notable roles was as a bond girl in 1999. Many people say believe this is what kick-started her career but a number of sources have said she gained the fame from her involvement with the Heidi Fleiss Escort agency.

young-al-al-pacino-3922453-494-604Al Pacino: Now this one is not as blunt as the others and many not actually seem like he was working as an escort but from what he has said I believe he has. In a interview with the New York Post he said,

“At 20, I lived in Sicily by selling the only asset I had my body. An older woman traded food and housing in return for sex.”

Now we are not sure if this continued when he returned to the states as he was still trying to jumpstart his career.

Now that is three celebrities that were escorts before they made big. There are a number of other celebrities that were once escorts and I would recommend checking out who is as it may surprise you.