Month: January 2016


Best Bars in Liverpool

Liverpool being a very big and popular city in the United Kingdom and have an incredible amount of history as well as a great night life, so here is a short list of the best bars in Liverpool;


Constellations as the website puts it is one of the best places for chilled breakfast, laid back lunch or just to soak up all the incredible opportunities and different cultures, the food menu is quite extensive serving a lot of Italian, French and British cuisine which adds a scrumptious delight to it, the drinks menu is quite impressive having a rather large selection of craft ales, beers, lagers, spirits and wines available at your expense. 37-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS, United Kingdom.

Mal Bar 

This quaint little bar is Mal Bar and it’s quite the quirky bar making its own fabulous cocktails and the classics, at night this bar is the centre of a good night life with rich atmosphere that nowhere else can beat it lives up to its ratings as one of the best bars in Liverpool, not only serve a rich variety of cocktails but exquisite champagnes, beers and spirits and with great music to liven up the night no one has any problems. 7 William Jessop Way, Liverpool, L3 1QZ

Santa Chupitos 

Santa Chupitos is an excellent cocktail bar with hundreds of cocktails that are freshly made with fresh ingredients, every week they come up with a new drink or 2 to add to the list which is always a treat, further more they have quite the interesting seasonal menu making use of the ingredients and classic cocktails for the season, even if they don’t have the cocktail that you want ask them to make it via the ingredients you want in that mixer and they will. 41 Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BX

Liverpool Escorts 

In Liverpool there are a lot of beautiful ladies around and the Liverpool escorts are the best in Liverpool, they’re beautiful and gorgeous and never cease to amaze as one of them walks through your door eager to please you for the night, go out for a drink at one of the aforementioned bars and have a great night.



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