Month: June 2015

Manchester killing kittens

A craze for high class sex parties has swept the country over the past few years with one controversial sex party brand becoming particularly popular. Killing Kittens is a private sex club that only admits beautiful people to its sex parties. Killing Kittens was formed in London ten years ago and began holdings parties in Manchester last year. Killing Kittens parties are now flourishing in Manchester with their eighth event in the city about to take place in a top secret location. The club has many high profile members including lawyers, police officers and celebrities and has many hedonists vying to be admitted into their secretive fold. To be admitted to the club entrants must send a photograph to ensure they are gorgeous enough to attend, tickets cost one hundred pounds for a couple and forty pounds for lone women. While lone men are not allowed to attend. Many lone men are dying to attend these sexy parties and often contact Manchester’s most renowned escort agency Exclusive Company Escorts to request one of the beautiful Manchester escorts accompany them for the evening. There is a strict dress code, women must wear a sexy cocktail dress, while gentlemen wear a smart suit. Above all else all attendees must wear masks to conceal their identity. They have also created a club for more mature members called silver kittens.

Attendees to these clubs are given the freedom to be a voyeur if so they wish, there is no pressure to partake in activities as many first attendees may find it easier watch the action rather than join in. Many go to spice up their sex lives and marriages or take their sex lives to the next level, whether couples and individuals want to watch, be watch or take part in a threesome, foursome or maybe something more, at Killing Kitten they satisfy all of their sexual desires. The evenings start with a champagne reception where guests can mingle and chat and allow the bubbles to release some of their inhibitions. There are then a number of different play rooms where people can wander off to for some extra privacy or start their own party with some new found friends, the options are endless. The parties go on late into the night until all the guests are completely satisfied with their sexual encounters. Killing Kitten parties are going from strength to strength and it looks like Manchester is set to see many sexy Soirees.

Why Guys Like Busty Escorts!

It’s a well-known fact that men can’t resist a women with big breasts, it’s something we can’t really work out why, but we just do! Now I personally like the busty London escorts from Carmen Secrets, a great agency with some of the hottest girls in London available to book on their website and luckily girls with some of the best boobs in the city! Now I don’t really know why I prefer to book escorts, but again, I just do and I have found that this agency gives me everything that I need and if I want to (which I have done on several occasions) I can arrange to take one of their lovely ladies away on holiday with me. Now this may sound strange to some at first, but taking one of the sexy London escorts with you abroad just makes everything better and certainly adds more than a touch of class to everywhere you go.

But anyway, back to the boobs… The great thing is that the agency has a wide selection of amazing young women, many with the larger bust, meaning that If this is something you like, which I don’t know why it wouldn’t be you don’t always have to always book the same girls, you can mix it up a little bit if you like! I personally really enjoy booking a lovely blonde who goes by the name of Evie and even if you don’t end up booking I would highly recommend you go over to the site and check her out! It’s not just beauty that Evie has though, but brains! She tells me that she is University educated and you can certainly tell in the type of conversations you can have with her! But it’s not all serious, you can also expect to have a good laugh with this busty escort!


Liz – Mayfair girls London escorts

The weekend is nearly here and for most people that means it’s time to spend time with family or friends, do household chores or partaking in hobbies. The latter being something I suppose you could count what I plan on doing as; as my plans for this weekend involve a few amazingly good looking girls and a weekend full of nonstop pleasure and satisfaction. My method of doing this involves using a London escort agency, which is always going to be Mayfair Girls London escorts, thanks to my countless good experiences with them. For over a year now I have been going to them when I have felt the desire to spend my weekend like I wish to this one; they are always very understanding of what it is I desire and they are very efficient at setting up a booking for me. Even on the occasions when I am not entirely sure what I am looking for, they are quick to offer me options and a great bit of information about the girls they are recommending in order for me to assess who takes my fancy.

London escort Liz

London escort Liz

Recently I called them up an expressed a desire to meet somebody who was a bit more mature and the other side of thirty to the girls that I usually see, after a few minutes of searching they recommended Liz. A gorgeous blonde Eastern European, she looked the real deal and I was instantly attracted to her. So I arranged to meet with her later that evening, and the one thing that the website can’t do is show just what an amazing person Liz is, she is very polite and well educated, we discussed various topics over dinner and I didn’t once lose interest. On top of this she has a really bubbly personality and she was always lots of fun; once things got more intimate her experience shone through and she gave me a night to remember.